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To know the Ethernet LAN in detail, first, you need to know what Ethernet is. An Ethernet LAN is a combination that helps you access the data, connect with other networks, and share resources. This technology is commonly used in Local Area Networks (LAN). A LAN is used to cover small areas like your room, office, and building. To cover the wider area, WAN is used. A protocol called IEEE 802.3 is used to transfer the data over a LAN. Over time this protocol is improved to transfer the larger data with speed.
We all use this technology in our daily life without being aware of it. It could be a wired network at your office or a LAN at home. Let’s learn more about the Ethernet LAN and how they work.

How Ethernet LAN Works

You cannot learn the whole technique in just one day. You need to have full technical knowledge of computer science to understand the whole concept. But, here you will get a simple explanation to know how Ethernet LAN works. Let’s know it better with the points below.
• First, when a machine wants to send data to another machine, it checks if the carrier wire which is connecting the two devices is free.
• If it’s not sending anything then it will send the data packets.
• Then, another device will check the sent data packets if they are the recipient.
• The packet will be consumed by the recipient.
• If there is another packet on the way, it will send hold back to try again, till it can be sent.
• With that, the data will be delivered to the other machine and all this happens in very little time.

Uses of an Ethernet cable

Now that we are already familiar with the concept of Ethernet LAN and how it works, another important thing that we need to know is that what your requirements for Ethernet cable are. With the help of the information given below, you will be able to set up a wired Ethernet LAN without any issue.

To connect your computer to the devices

An Ethernet cable is used to connect your computer to the other devices having the Ethernet adapter.You can transfer data using the Ethernet Cable.

To use it for the router, switch, hub, or gateway

You can connect your devices by using the Ethernet cable to create a network. You can connect devices by creating a hub as well.

As a Network interface card

It is integrated into the computer motherboard or installed in the device separately. You can see the USB version of the Ethernet card as well. An Ethernet card is a port where you connect the cable.


The most commonly used cable in the Ethernet LAN is Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP). It is similar to the cable used for the landline telephones with different colors inside.


An Ethernet cable is something that you will be using in your daily life. It makes it important to know about it. We have covered pretty much in this article about Ethernet LANs, how they work, and what are the uses. If you have a query or want to know more you can get assistance from the technical support team.

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