It always sounds confusing when we talk about Rebooting, or Resetting your device. Despite the fact that they sound similar, making a Reboot and Reset are two different processes and are performed under different scenarios. That’s why it is better to know the difference between both of them.
While reboot simply involves restarting your device, factory reset can be done using different ways. This makes itimportantfor users to learn the differences between both so they can deploy the right method at the right time.
In this blog, we will tell the difference between Reboot and Reset. If you were also confused between the two, make sure you give a thorough read.


Routers like all gadgets, have memory or so called RAM. This memory helps it hold routing information so it can decide which way to transmit data. However, sometimes this memory may get so clogged up that the router decides not to function further. This leads to internet disconnection and data speed issues. While scolding your IT guy would seem like a tempting thing to do, simply rebooting the router will be enough.
Rebooting, in other words, means restarting something. Restarting an electronic gadget allows it to cool down and clear any memory interruptions which brings issues in performance and connectivity. Now, knowing for how long the device needs to be left powered off? 10 seconds is all that’ll do the job.
When you disconnect your device from the power source, it takes a seconds or two to turn off the power lights on your device. You need to make sure that the power is drained out completely. For that, you need to wait for 10 seconds to switch on the power again. It will help clear the memory and resolve any issues.

Follow the steps to reboot you r routerReboot can also be termed as restart, recycle, and power cycle. Different names but the same meaning. Now, to do a router reboot, here is what you need to do:

  • Disconnect your router completely from the power source. You can either disconnect the battery or unplug the adapter from the power source.
  • Wait for 10 seconds for your device to cool down and then plug it again into the power source and wait for the lights on the front panel to go solid.

You can now begin using your device in a normal fashion.


If you are facing issues that you cannot resolve with the help of rebooting, performing a factoryRESETmight help. In fact, it always does. Generally regarded as the last resort, router RESET changes the device settings back to default. And, if needed, would require to be reconfigured.

How to RESET your router

Performing a factory RESET means getting the router device back to the state it was before you purchased it. Device RESET can be a feasible solution when you forget the admin password or there’s a stubborn issue with the internet connectivity and the settings. Here is how you can do it:
• Locate the reset button on your device. In a majority of routers, you’ll find it on the rear panel, concealed or not, depend on your router model.
• Once located, use a thin object like a pin or paperclip to press and hold it for about 3 to 5 seconds until the lights on the front panel turn off. This is an indication to release the RESET button.
• Now, wait for a few seconds till the router reboots. Proceed with the reconfiguration settings online.


Issues with your router can be plenty. So are the ways to alleviate them. And among all the ways to alleviate the hassle are rebooting and resetting. Knowing when to do what can be key to helping restore the internet connectivity. The information shared in the blog above can be helpful in determining the same. Reach out to our experts for more.