Having access to the internet is important in these times of automation. We need the internet for pretty much everything on a daily basis. However, it can get really frustrating when with issues like “Limited or No Connectivity”. These are some common errors that disturb your work continuity. But you can resolve the sameusing some simple methods.
In this blog, we’ll discuss the ways you can alleviate the hassle out of removing this error. Before we start, let us first discuss the reasons why this issue occur.

Reasons responsible for Limited Internet Access

There can be several reasons fromtechnical glitches to basic configuration. Reasons like these are responsible for the “Limited or No Connectivity errors”. Here are some of them:
• When your computer can connect to the network but is connecting.
• Your system finds the network which is available but cannot connect to it. It can detect that the network cable is plugged in but is not connected to the access point.
• When your computer requests for an IP address and it goes unanswered.

Ways you can resolve “No Connectivity or Limited” errors

Issues like Limited or No Internet connectivity can take a toll on your productivity.While you are planning to accomplish things at once, this issue can make you do otherwise. Here is how you can deal with the same:
• Check the internet connection guide to fix this issue.
• If the previous step doesn’t work, restart your PC. Restarting the PC clears the bugs and any files that may be blocking your connection to the internet.Experts advise following this step every time you face issues with the device or the network it hosts.
• Check for the internet cable connections with the port. Sometimes the issue may be due to loose Ethernet cable connections. Fix the same and check if the internet is working.
• Also,check the sleep settings and update the network card device drivers as well. Outdated drivers and settings may also be a reason for the said issue.
• Log in to the online router management wizard and check for any issues with the security configuration. Correct any mistakes in the IP addresses and MAC addresses listed.
• If none of the steps mentioned above tend to work, you can reset your device. To reset the same, you will need to locate the reset button at the rear and hold it for about 5 seconds till the device reboots itself. Once the factory RESET has been done, reconfigure the device with the help of the user guide that came with the device.

The final word

Issues described in the blog can be dealt with properly using the remedial steps so mentioned. If you find any discrepancies following the same, reach out to the official support team and they may help you.